Recycling Cages

'Containers for Change'

Recycling Cages

The Linked Group Recycling Cages are designed and manufactured to our clients requirements in our Off-Grid facility in Paget QLD.  

Designed specifically for transportation of products collected in the Containers for Change initiative, the criteria for the design demanded maximum volume for transporting purposes, flexibility in stacking while in transport and storage, strength for minimum 3 high stacking of glass filled cages, controlled accidental and intentional product removal.

The Recycling cages are available in single or double sizes and can be sheeted with enclosed aluminium for glass bottles to prevent spillages, or mesh aluminium for plastic bottles or cans. Cages are easily transported by use of the captive fork tine pockets and Forklift Guides and Anti-Tipping Bars ensures no loss of capacity. Laser cut unique identifier number plates are also available.

Recycling Cages

Empty cages can be stacked as required, in a mixture of single or double configurations, with or without optional castors.

700kg SWL stackable 3 high.

Optional Castors

400 kg Castors (1600kg in total – remain stackable, NIL volume lost) - increases loading efficiency. Allows delivery to a customer without need of a forklift.

Optional Hinged Lid

Lockable Hinged lid - can also be used for the top level of cages if stacking. Alternatively a transport lid can be utilised.

The lockable hinged lid easily interchanges with all single bins.

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Anything Environmental is a family owned and operated business in Paget Qld and provides convenient recycling services for residents to return their empty glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans and flavoured milk containers.

Contact Anything Environmental for more information regarding the ‘Container for Change’ initiative.

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